The Metaboost Connection: Fat Loss Redefined

Finding the ideal plan for your needs and lifestyle can be challenging. That's why fitness & nutrition specialist, Meredith Shirk, and the Metaboost Connection, offers motivated individuals and action takers like yourself a revolutionary, new way to help 'reset' your metabolism and 'redefine' your fat loss goals: personalized metabolic makeover plan.

With our short, simple, but effective quiz we will evaluate your needs and match you with a fat burning plan formulated for your specific needs and body type so you can start dropping pounds faster and easier than you ever imagined... regardless of your age or activity level.

You'll not only look better once you follow this fun and easy plan, you'll feel better, have more energy, be healthier and have more confidence.

The Metaboost Connection Advantage

  • Dedicated member dashboard with dozens of fat burning exercises & hundreds of metabolic igniting recipes
  • Private, global community with guidance, support, inspiration, motivation, tips and tools to help deliver the BEST best results
  • 24/7 support and assistance from our 'on call' team of experts to be with you every step of the way and help you fast-track your fat loss
  • Curbs cravings and leaves you feeling content
  • No calorie counting or cutting carbs
  • No cardio, hyper-focused fat burning movements
  • Fast, fun & virtually foolproof results
  • Improved energy and immune health
  • Reduced inflammation and balanced hormones
  • Less aches & pains
  • Better night's sleep

Take The Quiz & Be The Next Success Story!

By taking the short Metaboost Connection quiz, you'll let us know critical information about your body, health, lifestyle, and overall goals which helps us design a 'fat burning blue-print' customized for your specific needs and body type.

With the Metaboost Connection you can set yourself up for slimming success not just for a month, a year, or even a decade... but virtually for the rest of your life!

Remember, this is not a diet – where research has shown 95% of people who 'dieted' gained all the weight back and more within the 1st year – it's a metabolic, fat-burning blue-print to help reset your internal engine at a cellular level so you lose the weight PLUS keep it off for the long haul.

... and all for the one time cost of just $29.

No hidden fees. No extra charges. No subscriptions. No kidding!

That's actually less than the cost of 'dinner for one' at some not-so-fancy restaurant.

But unlike a meal out, which is over with your last bite and the bill...

With the Metaboost Connection you're totally covered by our 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

So you can try it out for yourself for days, weeks and months with ZERO risk and unlimited weight loss potential!


The Metaboost Connection is committed to offering the best, easiest and most fun fat burning solution that is backed by research and validated by thousands of satisfied clients across the globe.

We believe that if our program just isn't for you for whatever reason, you shouldn't have to pay for it. That's why we stand by our pledge and offer an unprecedented money-back guarantee.

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